Our Programme

Aurora Children's Cottage | Child Care | Gordon, ACT

At the core of our program is the Early Years Learning Framework- Belonging, Being and Becoming; and its Learning outcomes


Children have a strong sense of identity

Children are connected with and contribute to their world

Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

Children are confident and involved learners

Children are effective communicators.


At Aurora Children’s Cottage we seek to nurture the development of each child by providing opportunities for imaginative play, meaningful purposeful work, and experiences in the arts, in nature and in the community. Staff plan activities and challenges throughout the week that relate to themes in the classroom, including seasons, current events, children's interests and cultural celebrations.

Aurora Children's Cottage | Child Care | Gordon, ACT
Aurora Children's Cottage | Child Care | Gordon, ACT
rAurora Children's Cottage | Child Care | Gordon, ACT


  • Programming in childcare is a way for educators to build upon and extend the current interests and knowledge of the children. This can be shown to be achieved in many different ways and each Centre that you may visit will represent this is many different ways. It is important to us that our Centre’s programming reflects the voices of our children, families and local community.
  • Programming in childcare is not about lesson plans, themes or units of work. Authentic programming incorporates all of the Early Years Learning Framework, its Principles, Practices and Outcomes. It treats each child as an individual with their own unique experiences, values, ideas and skill set. When planning experiences for children all of this should be considered.
  • Communication regarding the programme between educators and families is essential for a programme to be established and delivered effectively. Aurora achieves this through a daily journal which is filled out by the educators for parents and carers to have a quick peruse when picking their child up. We also have a larger mind map displayed in our front room which outlines what our children have been interested in and how we have built on these interests, we also have a Facebook page for parents to ‘like’ which captures special activities or events at the


  • Open and honest communication between parents and educator’s is essential for each child to reach their absolute potential while here with us at Aurora. We ask that parents spend a few moments in the morning to tell us how their child’s weekend, morning or evenings has been.
  • We have a special native animal toy that gets to go home with a family each week and we ask the parents to fill out the book which accompanies the toy. This is a fun way for your child to share their experiences outside of Aurora with their peers.
  • Upon enrolment with Aurora we ask that you fill out your child’s enrolment form openly and honestly. We also advise that an orientation period where you and your child visit the Centre and spend time engaged in our activities and what we have to offer would positively contribute to your child making their transition to care at Aurora.
Aurora Children's Cottage | Child Care | Gordon, ACT