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We believe that children develop both as individuals and as part of a community. We recognise the Childs family as their primary carers and teachers, and aspire to work co-operatively with them. We see children as Capable, Creative and Kind; Resilient and Resourceful and we encourage them to develop these qualities and to strive for independence. We understand the importance of free play throughout childhood and its role in early learning and in developing a love of learning in later years. We value the home environment as a secure environment for the holistic development of children during early childhood.

Aurora Children's Cottage | Child Care | Gordon, ACT


In October 2014 I (Cassandra Smith) took over Aurora Children’s Cottage (Est. 1993) after eight years of working in the centre, six of which were spent as the director.

My experience during these years had a strong focus on the Montessori Method. However since taking over the centre, with the support of my team and keeping with our passion for Play-Based Learning, I decided to operate under the Early Years Learning Framework with a more mainstream approach to early years education. This was due to parent feedback and observations from educators that moving from a Montessori based framework to a mainstream kindergarten was quite difficult for the children to transition to. It still should be noted that we are strongly influenced by Maria Montessori’s philosophies regarding the child.

At Aurora we offer a home like setting with family groupings and flexible routines which include walks around the local community. We have a dedicated team of Early Childhood Educators, who each bring their own inspiration, experiences and interests to the program, with a strong focus on incorporating the interests of your child.

For parents we strive to achieve a feeling of community and belonging through open communication and a supportive environment.

Aurora Children's Cottage | Child Care | Gordon, ACT
Aurora Children's Cottage | Child Care | Gordon, ACT
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We are pleased to meet the national quality standard for childcare